Financial Policies:

Enrollment in the Jackson Hole Music Academy is not a “payment per service” arrangement, but rather a tuition based business.  Enrollment in music lessons is a purchase of a teacher’s services and a reservation of the teacher’s time.  Tuition entitles a student to school membership and weekly lessons.  Your child’s lesson time is reserved for him/her; since the time passes whether a student uses it or not, a lesson missed is time and money lost.  The full semester fee is to be paid whether or not the student attends all lessons; lessons missed by the student for any reason will not be made-up nor tuition refunded. School Fees for rental space for your child’s time are non refundable.  Notification of inability to attend a lesson is appreciated, but does not excuse payment for contracted lessons.

Enrollment must be made for each entire semester.  Tuition is based upon each semester-the Fall being 15 weeks and Spring being 20 weeks.  Families will be given invoices in August/September for Fall and December for the Winter/Spring Semester and payment will be due before Winter Break.  Full Semester payment is required.  Students beginning lessons after the beginning of the year will be charged from the date of their first lesson.

Missed Lessons & Make-Up Lesson Policy

Your child’s music education is important and regular attendance needs to be a priority.

It is not possible to schedule make-up lessons when a student misses a lesson for any reason including illness or prearranged vacation.  Lessons missed by the teacher at any time for any reason will be made-up at a mutually convenient time for the student and the teacher, or a credit for the lesson will be given on the next semester’s tuition.

I will be using the Teton County school calendar in conjunction with providing my own studio calendar to you prior to the beginning of each semester.

If a student arrives late for a lesson, the student will receive instruction for the remainder of the scheduled lesson only.

Group Lessons

For young violinists, participation in group lessons is an essential part of the student’s development.  You and your child will be expected and required to participate every week or every other depending on which group they are in our calendar for your group lesson.  This is part of the SUZUKI PROGRAM nationally.  Please make every effort to attend these wonderful opportunities for your children to enjoy music with others.

Group lessons are included in the tuition for the Suzuki Violin Program.

Lesson Termination

The Academy reserves the right to discontinue any student who does not exhibit sufficient interest to progress. 

In the event of irregular attendance, repeated failure to prepare assigned material, or inappropriate behavior during the lessons, I must reserve the right to terminate lessons.  A one-month trial period following a parent conference will precede termination of lessons.  If you elect to end lessons, a two-week notice must be given.  If I can fill your spot, I can refund you the remainder for the semester, if not, unfortunately it will be forfeited.  All classes are based upon each semester attendance.  I only have limited spots and do have to turn people away.

Please understand that I grow very attached to your children and would like to have an opportunity to end well with them.  One of the ways we teach respect, responsibility, and follow-through is to teach our children how to end well.


The Academy holds two recitals annually.  The first recital is always before holiday break in December to showcase the children’s achievements for that semester.  They will be performing in group as well as a solo recital piece.  The second recital is held in June prior to the release of school for the summer.  Please refer to the registration page for dates for these upcoming events.  Please mark your calendar as these are MANDATORY events for JHMA students.

Workshops & Conferences

The Academy holds  an annual Suzuki workshop with nationally recognized Master Teacher, Charles Krigbaum of Plano, TX. His website is www.ntste.com  Charles has an academy of over 80 students and teaches at Suzuki summer institutes: Intermountain Suzuki String Institute in Salt Lake City,  DFW WOW in Dallas. He is also has become a teacher trainer and I have worked with him in this capacity at the International Suzuki Teacher’s Exchange in Ramschied, Germany along with fellow colleague, Kerstin Wartberg who is a published author and pedagogue of our Step by Step materials that we use daily!  This is a special opportunity for you child to work with someone of this caliber and therefore it is required that the student commit to the March weekend with recital.

The Academy students will support and receive knowledge from my annual attendance to the IMTEX conference each October/November with Charles Krigbaum to work with Kerstin Wartberg and her invited guests.

Summer Lessons

During the summer semester (June-July-August), I teach a 9 week program from my home studio in town. My current students are required to take a minimum of nine private lessons.  Group lessons are offered weekly to beginners and starting this summer, ensemble group lessons are offered twice monthly for advanced students in the middle school and high school.  The students will be billed according to their current group class and the nine week lesson policy.

Study during the summer is crucial for the student to continue their progress and maintain their abilities. Information regarding the scheduling of summer lessons will be distributed in May each year.  In order to allow greater flexibility during the summer months, in order to accommodate summer activities and family vacations, all lessons will be scheduled by appointment only.  Your child will have their day and time as similar during school.  Please check your vacation calendars and plan accordingly.

Summer registration will begin in early May and full payment for Summer tuition is due by May 30.